Homemade Pochade Box

With school summer vacation coming to an end I’m looking forward to having my days back to try out my new homemade pochade box.  I was having trouble finding a Canadian-made or even supplied pochade box that met my requirements.  All I could find were clumsy wooden French easels for plein air painting.  To order from the US and pay duty would have been prohibitively expensive so gave my very handy husband some requirements and finally it’s ready. I did the staining but he has to take credit for the rest.  Because I wanted to be able to open it to any angle including 180 degrees he built a custom hinge support out of re-claimed wood from my daughter’s old crib.  The crib also had a piece of wood with a 1/4 inch, 20 thread per inch tee nut embedded which was perfect for attaching the quick release plate for my ball head tripod. Although you can buy a tee nut and put it in a piece of wood easily yourself.  The Oben AT-3585 tripod and BC-226T ball head support a load more than adequate for the weight of the box (this is very important).  To “build” the box, I kept it simple by starting with two 9 x 12 in. cradled wood birch panels in different thicknesses.  I like a bigger mixing area so I carry a separate 11 x 14 in. panel for a palette. Everything fits great in my Mountain Equipment Coop back pack (which was an old lap top back pack). I also have a lightweight camp stool with insulated pockets (to carry my lunch, water and extra supplies. My next request is for a wet panel carrier which I’m now designing…will be much simpler.

Looking forward to a test run in the Ottawa landscape.



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