Sunny little still life

Snuck some time for a little still life, “Cupcake with Tulips” 10 x 10 x 1.5 in. oil on gallery stretched canvas. This piece was painted with my limited 5 colour (including white) palette I’m back in Ottawa next week and where I’ll be back into painting landscapes with my new custom made pochade box. The box needs a few final touches before it’s plein air ready. Will post some pics of the finished box hopefully soon.




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4 Responses to Sunny little still life

  1. Very nice Kim. I paint using a limited palette as well. So much to learn from just those colours.

  2. Jörg Kruth says:

    Hey Kim, I also like the “Lac Leamy Chickadee” I saw elsewhere. Good afternoon!

    • Kim Milan says:

      Thanks so much. Haven’t been posting much lately but hope to again soon. We’ve been getting some spring like conditions here so anxious for some plein air time.

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