A couple of cows

I couple of 30 x 30 in. cows. One is acrylic on canvas – the other acrylic and oil on canvas. Can you tell which is which?



River Cam Herd Cow #1

River Cam Herd Cow #1


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3 Responses to A couple of cows

  1. Jörg Kruth says:

    Hello Kim, hope you had a good summer vacation with family. We went back to Japan this time, hope to post some more impressions later. Saw your blue abstract landscape on the other page, interesting style!

    • Kim Milan says:

      Hi Jorg – Nice to hear from you. Just getting back to WP – decided to move to Ottawa, Ontario this summer so was busy with the move. Doing some work back in industry for a bit. Have to browse through your postings and see what you’ve been up to. I’m sure Japan was amazing. Cheers, Kim

  2. Jörg Kruth says:

    wish you all the best for your new place, always a lot to discover, keep up the good work!

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