black gesso

I’ve been intrigued about painting on a black gesso ground for a while so gave it a go this morning. Haven’t worked in acrylic much this month but happened to have some beautiful avocado flesh colour mixed up so here it is – acrylic on canvas board 5 x 7 in.




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6 Responses to black gesso

  1. ramaink says:

    I feel as though I could scoop out that avocado! Delicious! Did you like painting on the black gesso?

  2. I just tried out the black gesso – I like the richness it gives the piece…instant depth…love your piece.

    • Kim Milan says:

      I’m glad you gave it a go, I think black gesso has changed my life. Always steered away from black in art school but it is amazing how the colours pop on it. So much fun to work with. Cheers, Kim

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