rooster study

Fun little 18 x 24 in. rooster study on newsprint – for the love of colour, paint and roosters of course. Painting on paper can be so fun when unexpected things happen like a corner of the paper with the still wet background folds onto the comb and deposits that lovely mark of green on the comb that I love.



IMG_6893 IMG_6895 IMG_6893 (1)

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3 Responses to rooster study

  1. kimberlyqae says:

    amazing work! love the color 🙂

    • Kim Milan says:

      Thanks so much. I actually restricted myself to the primaries and white for this study. I find that a fun exercise sometimes.

      • kimberlyqae says:

        I like to trade up what I do sometimes as well. There was one time, I did a triptych, while using only three colors (a bright red, an aqua, and white). It was really fun. I love your work, keep sharing your gift! 🙂

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