Starting to take shape….

This work in progress started as a bowl of tulips and morphed into a beach inspired figurative piece. I have a few of these in various states of completion.  I’m liking painting these and have a bit of a series planned.




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2 Responses to Starting to take shape….

  1. I love it when morphings suddenly happen…it’s one of my favorite things about painting….and why I’ve stopped feeling bummed when a piece isn’t working out. I just leave it for a few weeks….and suddenly…well, that’s the moment I love!🔺

    • Kim Milan says:

      I used to have the feeling too. Then I realized this happens to all artists – some are just more willing to talk about it. Making art can be a bit of a manic depressive activity I think so it’s good to be in a place where you stay positive about pieces you’re initially not happy with – sometimes you can bring it around and sometimes you have to let it go.

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