Busy week…

It’s been a real mixture this week – staining backsides of figure cutouts for Waverley Memorial Elementary School. Picture of backsides attached – will unveil the fronts next week. Worked at the school’s Spring Fair and sold “Cock Opera” as a silent auction item. The next owner loves it. Touched up “Layered Pear” and really love it now. Started a new beach inspired painting and squeezed in time for a coffee “Polka Dot Mug”.



Grade 6 Legacy Project

Grade 6 Legacy Project

"Cock Opera"

“Cock Opera”

"Layered Pear"

“Layered Pear”

Work in progress

Work in progress

"Polka Dot Mug"

“Polka Dot Mug”

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5 Responses to Busy week…

  1. inari says:

    You have had a busy and productive week. Yoru work looks great

  2. joergkruth says:

    so many people and this pear is really great, pefect colours!

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