Schwarze Welle

Upon completion of this Che Guevara portrait, I translated the text in the forehead area to be “Black Wave”. It is reminiscent of Che’s speech at the UN in 1964 where he berated the UN on not taking a stand against apartheid in South Africa. He ended his speech with the Second Declaration of Havana “And the wave of anger, of demands for justice, of claims for rights, which is beginning to sweep the lands of Latin America, will not stop. That wave will swell with every passing day. “Why on a German paper? It was in East Berlin that Che met the Argentinian born East German communist Haydée Tamara Bunke Bider aka “Tania the Guerilla” who fought and died for her lover Che during the Bolivian Insurgency.


"Schwarze Welle"

“Schwarze Welle”

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