“Im Palast Hoffnungsloser”

Translation – “In the Palace of the Hopeless”. Conté, charcoal and pastel on newspaper. Loving the extra width in this German newspaper.


"Im Palast Hoffnungsloser"

“Im Palast Hoffnungsloser”

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6 Responses to “Im Palast Hoffnungsloser”

  1. Hildegund howson says:

    Hi Kim,

    I think it is absolutely neat!! what you are doing with this newspaper. Amazing that you find all these lines and names to pick up on, although you can’t really read the language. Good work and creativity! Keep it up and amaze me further. ;-)) Cheers HH

    • Kim Milan says:

      This was really interesting as I had this image I wanted to do and this particular newspaper sheet jumped out at me. It was only on completion of the work that I went hunting for meaningful text in the paper to connect to it. As you say – I don’t read German but I could tell there was a poem on the page and so I ran a translator on some phrases and found this which was perfect. Thank you for your paper donation to my cause. Cheers, Kim

  2. joergkruth says:

    When a friend of mine recommended charcoal to me, he said that it’s always unfinished, as in this great image. Fine!

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