Latest addition to still life gallery

en Avant by kim milan
en Avant, a photo by kim milan on Flickr.

This semi-abstract still-life was inspired by the Degas exhibit I recently saw in London (and my vintage ballet flats).

Thanks for visiting!

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4 Responses to Latest addition to still life gallery

  1. joergkruth says:

    How does your art evolve and why does it appear to you in this way?
    Great still lives.

    • Kim Milan says:

      My earlier still life paintings used a more traditional realism style. I think that was partly influenced by courses I was taking and by commissions I was getting for that style. In this particular painting I had started to use a looser style and effects like scratching into the paint. More recently I have been focusing on colour and a more expressive style. Cheers, Kim

      • joergkruth says:

        Yes, I think you changed your style a bit and I especially like the style of your recent works, with a lot space for expression. Nice sunday! Jörg

  2. Kim Milan says:

    Thanks and enjoy your day as well. Kim

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