Latest update to my gallery

Caileag RuadhLow RiderAfter Hours ClubSweet  RideSunset in Lego LandFall
Chocolate CupcakeCanada Day CupcakeAunt Margie's Party ShoeLost in the Weeds - framedLost in the WeedsIsland Girl
It Might Get LoudRadio FlyerRetiredOld Brass NozzleWhite Chocolate TruffleThe Barcelonian - Head Study
Social Network, Painting 1UntitledModern PlumbingFebruary on the Kennebecasis RiverMagnifiedMore Cowbell

Added “Caileg Ruadh” to Cow Gallery. The title is Gaelic for Redheaded Girl which is kind of fitting for this young Ayrshire cow.
To see all my paintings either click on a thumbnail above to go to my photostream on or visit one of my Gallery menu subpages on this site.
Thanks for visiting!

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