Tulip study

Who doesn’t love tulips? Starting my day with this study to work out the palette and tulip anatomy for a piece I want to do. This one is on 18 x 24 in. newsprint. The image is from my mind. I wanted luscious colour and loose energetic brushwork. I used a couple of acrylic mediums to build up texture and I like the effect.



IMG_5872 IMG_5876 IMG_5878

Done (for the 4th and final time)

Sometimes I think all I do is tweak things. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. After living with this piece for a while I just wasn’t loving it. I decided the beach needed to be a whole lot warmer, I needed to paste some light on at the water’s edge and add some very subtle shadows under the tiki umbrellas.  I now have my favourite colour mix for sand (naples yellow. burnt umber, burnt sienna, raw sienna, lemon yellow and white). Now I do love it – whew.




A little reworking

I decided I needed to get rid of the grout lines in the tile floor. I felt like it was getting too busy and I thought it was more important to show light washing over the floor so I made that change. May still need a minor tweak but am liking this version better.



Winding River Art Gallery

These 2 pieces will be on display at the Winding River Art Gallery from 15 May – 14 June as part of the Ravenous Rhubarb show. My first time painting rhubarb. I came up with the most wonderful rhubarb colour so now I want to use it everywhere.



"Strawberry Rhubarb Jam"

“Strawberry Rhubarb Jam”

"Early Harvest"

“Early Harvest”


Here’s a sample of a framed floral – “Flowers in a Red Vase”. This piece is going in the show this weekend. Also – I mixed up a delicious gold colour today and updated a floral I did yesterday “Funky Ranunculus”. It will be similarly framed. Lots of texture in this piece.



IMG_5695 IMG_5691

Inside Outside

I’m almost done with these two 30 x 40 in. pieces finally. A bit of shadowing and highlighting left. They will hang together for my client who had given me some photo references from her trip to Spain.  It took a bit of work to figure out how to render these pieces so they could make a harmonious pair. I have attached the paintings in their current state and the photo references.

spain 1 spain 2 malaga

Shack wacky…

Bleak and monochromatic view from my studio today…still snowing and the enormous snow banks are making everything feel so closed in. Predictions are for a colder than normal March. Roads are too greasy to venture out. So, as we must do to preserve our sanity in these parts, I am heading south for warmth and colourful inspiration. See you all at the end of March. K.M.


Spain…in progress

When they are finished, these 2 pieces will hang together for a client. They provided me some photo references from Costa del Sol and Malaga. I’ve been wanting to paint a cafe interior scene for a while so this was a good opportunity.



Small semi-abstracts

When I need to get creative energy going, something I like to do is take some 9×12 in. watercolour paper that I’ve previously randomly prepped with leftover paint, see if I can find a shape in the the daubs and go with it. Todays results…”Puzzle Tree” and “Peppers”.