Grade 6 Legacy Project

Here is a few shots of a project that’s been occupying much of my time of late. The installation is set to finish this week.  This is our second annual “Grade 6 Legacy Project” where every Grade 6 student produces a scaled down figure of themselves in a pose of their choice and designs it however they feel. I love how they get so involved in the project and how attached they seem to feel to their piece. The local high school shop class cuts out the pieces for us so it’s a nice collaboration between schools. It’s a great piece of public/community art.


IMG_6159 IMG_6167 IMG_6159

Busy week…

It’s been a real mixture this week – staining backsides of figure cutouts for Waverley Memorial Elementary School. Picture of backsides attached – will unveil the fronts next week. Worked at the school’s Spring Fair and sold “Cock Opera” as a silent auction item. The next owner loves it. Touched up “Layered Pear” and really love it now. Started a new beach inspired painting and squeezed in time for a coffee “Polka Dot Mug”.



Grade 6 Legacy Project

Grade 6 Legacy Project

"Cock Opera"

“Cock Opera”

"Layered Pear"

“Layered Pear”

Work in progress

Work in progress

"Polka Dot Mug"

“Polka Dot Mug”

In the works…

A couple of beach themed pieces I started today based on some photos of my daughter at the beach with a couple of friends from a couple of years ago. Liking the compositions so far. May do a couple of versions of the 3 girls – I’m liking the abstract quality of it at this stage.


IMG_5964 IMG_5965


A real benefit of working on paper is cropping it sometimes makes a much more impactful painting.  Here’s a few I cropped yesterday to get ready for framing. Spending the next 2 days painting with 55 grade sixers – wish me luck!



"Coneflower Sunset"

“Coneflower Sunset”

"Dwarf Lemon Tree"

“Dwarf Lemon Tree”

"4 Travellers"

“4 Travellers”

"La Fleur"

“La Fleur”

Tulip study

Who doesn’t love tulips? Starting my day with this study to work out the palette and tulip anatomy for a piece I want to do. This one is on 18 x 24 in. newsprint. The image is from my mind. I wanted luscious colour and loose energetic brushwork. I used a couple of acrylic mediums to build up texture and I like the effect.



IMG_5872 IMG_5876 IMG_5878

Done (for the 4th and final time)

Sometimes I think all I do is tweak things. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. After living with this piece for a while I just wasn’t loving it. I decided the beach needed to be a whole lot warmer, I needed to paste some light on at the water’s edge and add some very subtle shadows under the tiki umbrellas.  I now have my favourite colour mix for sand (naples yellow. burnt umber, burnt sienna, raw sienna, lemon yellow and white). Now I do love it – whew.




A little reworking

I decided I needed to get rid of the grout lines in the tile floor. I felt like it was getting too busy and I thought it was more important to show light washing over the floor so I made that change. May still need a minor tweak but am liking this version better.



Winding River Art Gallery

These 2 pieces will be on display at the Winding River Art Gallery from 15 May – 14 June as part of the Ravenous Rhubarb show. My first time painting rhubarb. I came up with the most wonderful rhubarb colour so now I want to use it everywhere.



"Strawberry Rhubarb Jam"

“Strawberry Rhubarb Jam”

"Early Harvest"

“Early Harvest”


Here’s a sample of a framed floral – “Flowers in a Red Vase”. This piece is going in the show this weekend. Also – I mixed up a delicious gold colour today and updated a floral I did yesterday “Funky Ranunculus”. It will be similarly framed. Lots of texture in this piece.



IMG_5695 IMG_5691

Inside Outside

I’m almost done with these two 30 x 40 in. pieces finally. A bit of shadowing and highlighting left. They will hang together for my client who had given me some photo references from her trip to Spain.  It took a bit of work to figure out how to render these pieces so they could make a harmonious pair. I have attached the paintings in their current state and the photo references.

spain 1 spain 2 malaga