“Love Triangle” – acrylic still life

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day all – “Love Triangle” – why olives for Valentines? Not only do they have “love” in them – check out those sexy S curves. The ancient Greeks knew what they were on about with that art concept. Hmmm – maybe they got the idea from olives!



"Love Triangle"

“Love Triangle”

Dramatic Pears

A couple more vibrant acrylic pears. They are small but mighty. The second one is a re-do of one I posted yesterday which although “fine” lacked some drama for me. Hope you enjoy the new version “Who’s the Bosc?”.



"Look on the Bright Side"

“Look on the Bright Side”

"Who's the Bosc"

“Who’s the Bosc”


Small Acrylics

Apologies for not being a very active blogger lately. Working on a couple of bigger projects but decided to finish off these small acrylics that have been kicking around the studio for a bit. These were fun as the were entirely from my imagination – no reference source, just some shapes I saw after splashing down some colour.



"Cock Opera"

“Cock Opera”



Up late painting roosters…

A couple of works in progress from last night “Cock Opera” and “Pretty Boy”. When I can’t sleep, it seems I paint roosters. Which makes sense on a certain level.  Plus I had paint left on my palette from a large figurative piece I’m working on that made for good rooster hues.