Cold Steel, Part II

Still working on a portrait commission and a project for our village Christmas party so only some words to share today:

Cold Steel Part II

Frosted etchings from a cold hand

Boreal portrayal from a warm heart

Confessions of betrayal in a

Fingernail engraving on a girder

Ice lattice confusion

Glacial agony


Sunday Morning “Word Art”

I don’t tinker much with poetry these days but here’s a little piece that was inspired by some time on the Saint Lawrence River a couple of months ago.

Laughing Gulls

Dancing, dodging, sailing
Elated on a greyscale playground
Together but alone

Climbing, diving, soaring
Acrobats on an achromatic stage
For an audience of none

Singing, jousting, jeering
Jesters in a watery court
Of an empty kingdom


On the bench…

This Gandhi portrait “Extreme Inequality” has been on the bench for a while – graphite, charcoal and paint on newspaper and canvas. Sometimes I need to photograph a piece to see what I need to do to it. Still making some decisions on this one.

More Before and After…

More before and after fun… The rest of the “abstract beginnings” in the before shot have been given another layer and are resting. Can you guess which one became the pear and the flower?




"Grantchester Meadows Cow #1"

“Grantchester Meadows Cow #1″

"Pear Study"

“Pear Study”

Re-writes opening

Had a blast at the opening tonight. Great food, great people. Got some new collectors tonight – Schwarze Welle, Tata, Bapu, To Market to Market, Ich Bin Ein Berliner, Market Day Diptych, Indochine Machine, 5 Reasons all sold tonight at the opening tonight.
Big thanks to everyone who came – including a friend of a WordPress follower from Germany – such a small world.